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Safety Policy

Safety Risk Management

                                             We are established, dedicated professionals

SRC Aviation, LLC is comprised of accomplished industry experts. Our team possesses over 40 years of experience. experienced team members have developed processes and procedures enabling development of a quality report efficiently for your organization.

                                                              We exceed requirements and expectations

Each one of consultant team members has demonstrated knowledge and competency in SMS development and implementation exceeding the highest standards. The consultants at SRC Aviation, LLC have acquired academic and practical training ensuring our clients will benefit from consultants possessing the highest level of knowledge and report developmental competency with consistency second to none. 

                                                                             We avoid regulatory pitfalls

Our team of Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers, Planners, and Documentation Specialists ensure that we employ proven processes.  From our experience and detailed review of other programs, we’ve developed proprietary methods that will ensure efficient development while maintaining standards of excellence and flexibility. We have deep expertise in employing the same writing style and manual composition methodology that regulators have come to expect, smoothing submission and review processes.

                           We believe in relationships and positive results

We do not believe that “one size fits all”  and believe each situation must be tailored to the individual organization. We work closely with you during each phase and we are on-site developing an analysis of operations to insure the entire result developed is truly unique to your operation. We insure the final results will have the scalability and adaptability to adjust to future regulatory changes.

About Our Gear Logo

As a blue Safety Policy gear, Safety Policy assists in the defining the fundamental way an organization will manage safety.

The yellow gear representing Safety Assurance shows the systematic management functions that organizations have in place, providing confidence organizations will meet or exceed safety requirements.

The green gear represents Safety Risk Management, the processes and controls to eliminate hazards or take them to their lowest acceptable level.

Safety Promotion is represented by the orange gear and involves free flowing communications, information sharing and training.

The main red gear supplying the “lubrication” to all of the other gears is the Positive Safety Culture, without which none of the other gears would function, leaving us without an effective safety system.

Our gears were inspired by Tom Anthony, Director -USC Viterbi School of Engineering Aviation Safety and Security Program from an article entitled SMS on Wheels appearing in the September 2009 Flight Safety Foundation publication AeroSafety World.

Safety Assurance

Safety Promotion

Positive Safety Culture = Gear Lubrication

Our Core Values:









Results Oriented